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A Little About Me


I am a creative and dynamic artist, with business experience. From early childhood,  I had a passion for drawing and visual arts in general (comics, models, dioramas, small sculptures, painting). I studied storyboard and comic book art at Accademia Internazionale del Fumetto in Italy where my teachers are some of the most famous comic book artist as per Di Giandomenico, Gervasio, Sicomoro and many more. who game me an excellent combination of skills in storyboard, sketches and concept and being comfortable to create in different styles. I also improved my skills at George Brown College, Toronto(ON), were I am following classes  for  Digital Arts  that focus on the development of fine arts skills within the evolving digital world.

I am Italian by birth, with Canadian citizenship. I speak Italian, English and have an understanding of French and German. I have traveled and enjoy the opportunity to visit and learn about different cultures.

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